Areas of Expertise

Brand Strategy

Developing a cohesive strategy is arguably the most important yet overlooked part of branding.

Before we begin any project, we conduct interviews with stakeholders, research direct and indirect competitors, and get clarity on your company’s short­- and long-­term goals. All of this helps us hone in on the larger vision, which ultimately shapes the creative direction that informs our work. 


A company name sets the tone for your brand.

It should be memorable, informative and unique. It should also resonate with the people you are trying to reach. We extensively explore related and non-­related industries for inspiration and adhere to a proven creative process to generate strategic name options. Depending on your business, these options might be serious, clever, light-­hearted, personal or conceptual. Regardless, all of our recommendations are vetted to ensure they lend themselves to a strong online presence. 

Identity Development

Every branding project includes two key components: visual identity design and brand voice guidelines. 

Visual Identity Design

Rather than creating simple logos, we craft identity systems that include different logo variations (primary and secondary), typography styles, color palettes, imagery, and other identity assets like textures or patterns. Our goal is to equip our clients with a toolbox of visual elements that can be used together across all types of platforms. 


Brand Voice Guidelines

Brand voice guidelines are created to to establish a foundation for the brand personality. These guidelines inform all future communications for the brand and include core values, taglines, company descriptors, philosophy statements and more. Just like your visual identity, your brand voice greatly influences how you are perceived and how customers respond to your company. 


Copywriting is content that’s developed for internal and external communications, such as advertising, print collateral, websites, social media and public relations.

In other words, it’s how your company speaks to your employees and customers. Truly compelling copywriting is meaningful, clear and consistent. Depending on your brand voice guidelines, the content crafted might be humorous, punchy, inspiring, thoughtful, educational, reassuring or motivational.


For many of our clients, illustration is a powerful tool for conveying an original style and communicating important information.

Illustrations are often used on websites, print collateral, merchandise, murals, billboards, vehicle wraps and interior spaces. Investing in strong, captivating and timeless visuals that can be used multiple ways is extremely advantageous. 

Web Design

Appealing and effective website design facilitates an enjoyable and seamless user experience for desktop, tablet and mobile visitors.

A combination of elements come into play, including color, layout, graphical hierarchy, illustrations, infographics, photography and copywriting. Clearly presenting information in an organized way is important, but so is delighting your customers with an original and engaging experience that converts to sales. 


Packaging design is the art of standing out on the shelf.

We specialize in exceptional label design and content. We also diligently source containers (bags, jars, boxes, etc.) that distinguish you from your competitors and reinforce the authenticity of your brand. We’re always conscious about how packaging materials and finishes will impact sales, the environment and your bottom line. 


Branded merchandise is great for giveaways or for generating additional revenue streams.

It also allows your customers to showcase their connection to your brand in a public way. The various types of merchandise selected offer different placement benefits. We’ve designed all kinds of goods such as t­-shirts, aprons, water bottles, hats, stickers and bags. 

Stores & Spaces 

Brand build­outs can include store layout design, interior and exterior design, point­-of-­sale displays, trade show exhibits, window displays and more.

We work with contractors, metalsmiths, sign­makers, furniture­makers, mural painters, and other niche professionals who help bring the spaces we design to life. We’ve conceptualized and executed everything from an entire retail location to a one-­of­-a­-kind booth. 

Marketing & PR

The point of marketing and public relations is to proactively share your brand with the world (because these days, you simply can’t wait for people to come to you).

We’ll help you determine which outlets are best suited to your brand and what messages to convey via those channels. From traditional advertising to digital and non­-traditional marketing, we know how to capture the attention of your consumers in creative and profitable ways. We also identify and explore mutually beneficial partnership opportunities to maximize outreach efforts and exposure. 

Photography & Video

Custom photography and videos are effective tools for telling memorable brand stories that are both inspirational and informational.

We partner with a range of specialists to deliver unique work. We oversee talent sourcing, art direction, script development, post-production, delivery and placement. This approach allows us to source the best partner for the job, depending on the desired style, logistical details and budget.